PUR's ETF Screener

ETF Screener™

The first web-based tool available comparing the exchange-traded funds (ETFs) of all sponsors of ETFs trading on Canadian exchanges.

Whether you are:

  • looking to build an ETF portfolio using traditional methods;
  • interested in learning more about ETFs and how to use them;
  • exploring more sophisticated approaches to portfolio construction;

PUR's ETF Screener™ offers information about each ETF and links to other data sources. Start your ETF education here!

PUR's Volatility Drag Tool

Volatility Drag Tool

(a.k.a. The Drag Queen!) Leveraged and Inverse Exchange Traded Products (ETPs) are powerful vehicles. Using them can require more than just a view about the underlying index. Use this tool to determine the effect volatility on may have on a holding.

What's Next With PUR?

Portfolio Construction Tool

 Stay with us for more developments!