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PUR provides full service portfolio management on a discretionary basis driven by each investor's objectives and tolerance for risk.

PUR's approach to risk control is unique among private client managers. We believe in maintaining a portfolio of assets that accurately and consistently reflects an investor's risk requirements in all markets. This means de-risk when market risk is high and re-risking when market risk is low. This approach has proven to outperform a static portfolio over time with lower overall risk.


Answering our "Risk Questionnaire"
Each PUR portfolio is customized for every investor. The mix of assets and your views about risk are the primary components used to build your personal portfolio. Our comprehensive questionnaire asks for details on: what you know, what you have, what you want, how badly you want it, and when you want it; from your answers we can determine your capacity to accept risk and define the exact components required to build your personal portfolio.


Your investment information is matched with a portfolio of ETFs 
First, PUR provides you with an optimally diversified* CORE portfolio that captures the return of the broad market, employing discount brokerage accounts to lower commission and custody costs, and by using technology to mass customize portfolios, PUR lowers costs and passes all the savings directly to you. The result is a soundly constructed portfolio, specifically engineered for you, that should allow you to sleep better at night.

Second, using a highly disciplined approach, PUR includes a tactical "satellite" component designed to add returns above that of the market with controlled risk. The longer your investing time horizon, the more of this tactical component PUR can add to your mix to help grow your money faster.

* Diversification means far more than holding different assets. PUR optimizes the components of your portfolio so that you hold only the assets, and in the correct proportion, that give you the best opportunity to perform without wasting money for over diversification and overlap.

A tailored portfolio bearing your "risk" fingerprint is formally constructed 

Growing money is sometimes a function of not losing much in weak markets. PUR has built a unique feature into the "core" component of your portfolio. A theoretically acceptable maximum downside or return floor for your portfolio is established (from your answers to the questionnaire) and your portfolio is designed with this "risk budget" in mind. That means that historically, your portfolio would never have fallen more than a certain percentage in any year (i.e. 10%) and would still have provided an inflation adjusted return on your capital when you would have needed it.

Information drives decisions 

It's difficult to have confidence if you don't know what's happening in your account.

ActiveBaskets™ is PUR's web-based information platform (available 24/7 via secured web access) that provides: portfolio holdings, transactions, performance; analysis, capital gains analysis and fee calculations.




PUR demystifies investing for individuals, provides customized portfolios and better value. Better value and tailored solutions translates into higher returns and satisfied clients.

FOR OUR MANAGED PORTFOLIO SERVICES - Our investment management fees are :

  • 0.95% for the first $1 million of investable assets;

  • 0.55% for the next $3 million of investable assets;

  • 0.40% for the next $6 million of investable assets.

Our minimum investment size is $250,000 per family of accounts.

PUR for the Do-It-Yourself Investor


Investors need help. But the source of help is changing.    

At a recent exchange traded fund (ETF) conference, several investment advisors complained that their main competition was not the advisor across the street, but the do-it-yourself investor at home! Information from the internet and other media has made investing broadly accessible. The benefits of diversification and asset allocation are no longer secrets and the cost of entry has been slashed by discount and online brokers.

So, congratulations to you!

Leverage PUR's expertise in portfolio management, analysis and construction to build finely-tuned, customized portfolio of ETFs!

ACCESS our Portfolio Construction articles on Familiarize yourself with the ways and nuances to create different portfolios for different investor profiles.

SCREEN, sort and compare hundreds of Canadian ETFs, and learn about the power of leveraged ETPs (Exchange Traded Products) and how they may work for your portfolio.